Creativity is normally thought of as “mysterious mental happenings” but a lot of theories “demystify” the process of creativity. Briefly define or describe the following:
 Freud’s Psychoanalytic account – The theory that there is an unconscious interplay between the libido and the ability that one has, the understanding that being creative is seen as directing sexual frustration into an acceptable medium dependant on the socially developed  individual. Freud also outlined that creative thinking had traits of a child, different to childish, rather it was the playful ability and willingness to learn that defined the imaginative personality.

Primary and Secondary process – Primary process relates to relaxation and the mental state of mind where the physical body is at rest; the mind is given time to freely roam into the fantasy dimension of thought, unrestricted by rules and logic. While on the other, the Secondary process is governed by reason and logic, perceived as the realistic adult point of creativity.

Rugg’s Transliminal Chamber – Middlepoint of the Conscious and Unconscious, the preconscious can form ideas that slide between fantasy and reality, playing with metaphorical relationships.

Skinner’s Behaviourist Account – In my own opinion it seems to be a pessimistic view of the subject which suggests there is no such thing as creativity but rather a formation of idea, controlled by a superior eg parent, judge, law official, teacher etc. One’s creativity is limited by the rules and guidelines that he/she has learned from another, such as the singer is told which notes do not rhythmically fit together.

Mednick’s Mental Association theory – One’s ability to be creative is measured by the broadness of mental association, a less creative individual may see the only relation to the word “arms” being that of the human anatomy, while the creative seems to possibly associate “arms” with guns, Australian Research Management Society, tattoos or even robotics.

Roger’s Self Actualization theory – Creativity springs from the psychologically safe environment which aids in the adaptability to experience and the self control of a situation.

Sternberg’s Three Facet model – The three facet model summarises the usual characteristics of a creative person. Intelligence is the first facet which is basically self-explanatory, the Cognitive style is the adoption of one’s own rules; straying from the usual mentality. The last facet is the Motivated personality which drives the idea into possibly being made happen.

Amabile’s three part model – Contains three components: containing the skills within a particular domain eg painting or photography. The second component is the skills one has to allow creativity across a range of domains. The final component is related to the motivation one has.

Csikszentmihaly’s and Gardner’s three-part models – One of my favourite definitions of creativity, due to it’s simplicity.

Basically there is the creative person, of which displays a certain level of talent

Mime sitting on air

The Talent

 He or she recieves formal training in the domain

American Mime Theatre

The Domain

 And finally the verdict is based upon whether or not the observer finds it substantially creative

I find it quite interesting that in this age of immediate satisfaction through internet, anybody can be a creative judge for anything as long as it can be recorded in some way or another in regards to the human senses, in the three examples that I mentioned above, the individual displays an ability to portray scenarios using only the body, while furthering this ability through training in the domain. It is then finally judged by any random human on this earth who comes across this video from searching any of these tags: ART, VS, SCIENCE, Parlez-vous, francais, Art, Vs, versus, Science, Music, Video, Parle, parlie, vous, James, Boyce, dutch, Grumpy, Sailor, Alex, roberts, nick, fogarty, australian, clip, electro, pop, unique, dan, mac, jim, finn, williams, fight, red, best, music, video, ever, camera, fast, edit, relevant, funny, humour, comedy. Which makes me wonder, is there really a measurement to creativity? Where do we draw the line that says it is no longer creative, it is pointless, no mental thought in the process of creation?

I have recently discovered that we need not answer all questions in the tutorial sheet to achieve a minimal passing grade (of which I hope to surpass greatly…… hope being the key word) therefore from this blog onwards, I will be discussing the questions I found most interesting while also relating to the lecture and producing evidence that shall be intended to aid my point of view.

When you are engaged in creative practices, is there a method and/or theory that you use?

My theory is that music largely affects the flow of my creative process, I am a large believer of this due to previous experiences in my life being persuaded by music. The first example of music affecting creativity and lifestyle is the use of fast paced music to increase the likelihood of a adrenaline rush which seems to increase mental & physical activity in my case. The other example is related to my drawings; slow & passionate music seems to help with flow of line and a steady hand as exemplified in this drawing:

Melancholy by AIZ-is-me at deviantART

While on the other hand, the anger inducing music illustrates a fast sketchy style that portrays different figures, as exemplified in this drawing:

Bring it on by AIZ-is-me at deviantART

Consider the following situations, which reflect aspects of the theories above, and suggest at least 5 creative solutions/ideas for each:

You are a hungry student without food or money – My very first idea that came straight to mind was to steal.

My Second idea was to go on a hunger strike (thinking since you are already up 5h!t creek without a paddle, why not make it look like you did it on purpose) protesting the need to pay for food at educational facilities, referencing the prison in Cambodia that provides food to prisoners while also offering development of technical skills.

Prison Food Comic

My third idea was that you could disguise yourself as a contaminations expert and wander around the educational facility that you are attending, in an attempt to convince your target (aka the dude with your favourite sandwich) that you are on an assignment to “test” whether or not food is edible, hinting that there may have been a radioactive outbreak in the food supply.

I'm Only Wearing This because my lab coat is in the wash

The fourth idea was much less radical, it relies on selling drawings or if you are not an artist, you could ask or persuade an artist in some way (maybe pose for them) into allowing you to sell their artworks

Hand Drawing Hand

My final Idea was to distribute I.O.U in exchange for food


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