In my pre-press class at Edith Cowan University, I was given the task of creating three posters for a musician. I chose to make a poster for 3 different musical artists, using three different Adobe programs: Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

I wanted to take advantage of what each program was able to do; thus Photoshop would be using a number of high resolution pictures and photo manipulation techniques, InDesign seemed to be a mainly layout and text based program, while I utilized Illustrator as a program to create vector images.

For the photoshop poster, I chose Beethoven because a classical poster seemed ideal. My mind was flooded with ideas of pianos, orchestra and an old classical 19th century theme.

Beethoven Poster

For the InDesign poster, I chose the lyrical genius of the Funkoars; an Australian rap group. My idea was to include the lyrics of their songs on the actual poster; given that they rapped, there was a number of diverse creative lyrics to use. The initial development of this idea was to cover the whole poster with just the lyrics, but as I began the process of actually creating the artwork, it felt as if there was an element missing, thus I later added the group stencil and title.

Funkoars Poster

Creating the Illustrator Poster was the most enjoyable one for me, mainly because I chose one of my absolute favourite artists: LMFAO. One of their most appealing songs to me was “Shots”, so I decided to do a nice simple poster showing a female taking shots; the reason for this is because it seemed to match with their kind of music and also the belief that for something to be aesthetically pleasing or creative, does not necessarily mean that it must be a long arduous task, I feel that once something is at an aesthetically pleasing standard, it would most likely be detrimental to the overall design to continue adding more elements. The poster is meant for the Romanian geographic, being that the colours of the flag are represented in three shot glasses.I utilized the live trace option of Illustrator to create a stencil of the lips and also of the shot glass photos I took. The aim of the poster is to promote the status of LMFAO in Romania, although there is no information text such as a date or place, there is a band name which intrigues one to investigate.

Shots Poster