My name is Adrian Ilie Zhang and I grew up in Perth, Western Australia.

I have quite a mixture of cultures in my life because of where I live and who I am surrounded by; my mother is Romanian, my father is Chinese, I went to a Greek orthodox school and my best mate was Vietnamese. It was quite confusing to try to learn all of these different languages at the same time as I have now developed an ability to read Greek, swear in Romanian, compliment in Chinese and say fart in Vietnamese.

I have one older brother who was a large influence in my younger years; he taught me many things, some intentionally taught and some by my own interpretation. One of the main things I remember him teaching me was that I should stick up for myself, while the other lesson I learned was that you should never leave the best for last because every time I left my favourite chocolate last, my brother would think I didn’t like that chocolate and would immediately devour the chocolate.

My memory is not the largest thing in the world which is probably why the earliest time I can remember being creative is drawing a kid blowing bubbles in year 2, while I have been told by my parents that as a baby I use to put sandwiches in the VCR player because I thought it would work. In retrospect it is a stupid idea, but as a child I must have used my knowledge of what fits together and experimented with something different, which demonstrates a certain degree of creativity.

The philosophy to which I live by in this current world is that absolutely anything can be seen as a design. I find myself constantly staring at the most random objects because of its colours and the interplay between textures, thinking that I could use it in a design.